Language and Culture in the Andes and Beyond: The Social Capital of Global Quechua

Alana DeLoge (University of Pittsburgh)

Rooted in translinguistics, I showcase how Quechua languages and cultures thrive amidst global multilingualism, a domain often ignored in attempts to understand Quechua vitality in and beyond the Andes. When Quechua speakers’ invocation of folklore and folkways takes center stage, this widely spoken Indigenous mother tongue becomes a powerful means of building social and political capital across borders. Women and men broadcast Quechua through entrepreneurial digital media. Activists evoke foodways, folklore figures, and cosmologies to counter ever-encroaching neo-colonialism and capitalism. Drawing on extended ethnographic scholarship and teaching in Bolivia and the US, I spotlight productive pedagogies for teaching Global Quechua.

Part of 06-07 Re-Centering Peripheral Ways of Knowing via Global Folklife Education Initiatives, Friday, October 14, 2:30 pm–4:30 pm