Museums: Innovations in Curating Folklore to Embolden Local and National Identities

Jennifer  Karen  Ponce Cori (University of Pittsburgh)

As a Fulbright-sponsored Peruvian, I led a project to virtually connect curators and local activists from the San Juan de Lurigancho Community Museum (Lima, Peru) and the National Portrait Gallery (Washington DC, USA). By curating innovative dialogues despite the pandemic, periphery-center relations shifted as curators and visitors reached out to new audiences and redesigned ways to use folklore to embolden local and national identities. These museums are effective, even transformative, means to center community folklife, local/national identity, and languages. Both extend beyond concrete buildings; they are potent spaces to foster identification with heroes and recommit to an enhanced sense of place.

Part of 06-07 Re-Centering Peripheral Ways of Knowing via Global Folklife Education Initiatives, Friday, October 14, 2:30 pm–4:30 pm