Reciprocity and Community Engagement in Building and Using Museum Collections Representing Ethnic Communities of Southwest China and Mainland Southeast Asia

C. Kurt Dewhurst (Michigan State University) and Marsha L. MacDowell (Michigan State University)

Since the late 1970s, Michigan State University Museum staff have been involved in several projects on tangible and intangible traditional cultural heritage that have involved ethnographic field documentation and historical research in archival and museum collections. Project results included digital and physical collections of documentary materials and objects, exhibitions, educational programs, and publications. Today museums strive to create institutions whose programs and collections are more diverse and equitable in content as well as more meaningful to more diverse audiences. This session will examine what strategies employed in two projects in Southwest China and Southeast Asia have relevance for contemporary museum practice.

Part of 02-07 Folklore and the Transformation of Museum Collection Practices, Thursday, October 13, 10:30 am–12:30 pm