Implementing Culturally Responsive Pedagogy Using Proverbs in Ethiopian English

Meshesha Make Jobo (Wolaita Sodo University)

Ethiopia has more than 80 ethnic groups with their distinct languages, cultures, beliefs, traditions, rituals and social identities. It is a home of indigenous folklore having proverbs, fairytales, folktales, festivals, puzzles and oral stories as part of people’s everyday discourses. Among them, proverbs remain veritable ecological traditional knowledge that reflects the overall realities of Ethiopian people. They promote societal integration, cultivate a culture of respecting each other, mock evil activities, discourage idleness, promote saving and motivate gender equality. Therefore, they should be maintained and transferred from one generation to the next by implanting culturally responsive pedagogy (CRP) in English classrooms.

Part of 06-07 Re-Centering Peripheral Ways of Knowing via Global Folklife Education Initiatives, Friday, October 14, 2:30 pm–4:30 pm