From the Screen to Our Streets: An Exploratory Think Tank for NCTA’s RARRA

Julia Loiza Gutiérrez-Rivera (National Council for the Traditional Arts)

NCTA continues to expand our resource sharing initiative’s (RARRA) tech infrastructure. With a more robust platform we’re ready to better engage communities and expand relevance and awareness of this invaluable resource. We seek to enlist peers in attendance at AFS to brainstorm about gaps and needs when connecting with heritage bearers or niche cultural communities, asking how we may leverage tools, like RARRA, to achieve individual engagement. Working with voices in the field who actively connect with artists of “their own backyards”, we hope to conceptualize collective community engagement strategies, thereby strengthening a necessary information pipeline for culture bearers.

Part of Resource Sharing in Folk Arts, Thursday, October 13, 12:45 pm–2:15 pm