Centers of Pilgrimage (Braj India): Reaffirming the Periphery by Exploring the Folk Narratives [virtual]

Tulika Chandra (Shiv Nadar University)

Inhabitants of popular pilgrimage get benefited from its economic development and its persistent growth, braving the obstacles that tended to stem from the region, generating several narratives that skillfully adapted the changes. The paper explores forms and functions of holdovers from past in a continuous transmission. Taking spatial and temporal expansion, the samples would be from narratives collected from Braj (India). Braj is a perceived periphery with its own centralized ideas. Questions are put forth to get deeper into the narratives present in these pilgrimages: Are these narratives radically torn? Do these radically torn narratives help in reaffirming the periphery?

Part of 04-03 Oral Traditions of the Indian Subcontinent: Orality as Means of Re-Centering the Margins [hybrid], Friday, October 14, 8:00 am–10:00 am