Queer in South Central Kentucky: Subversive “Coming Out” Narratives

Sylas Alvarez (Western Kentucky University)

In this paper, I draw from fieldwork done in South Central Kentucky on collecting Queer oral histories to discuss how spite and anger are important emotional tools of resistance and how coming out can subvert dominant narratives. The significance of this approach is to validate the experiences of those who contributed to this project and the ones who could not, some noting their recent realization of their Queerness and safety issues as reason not to contribute. To Folk Studies, this paper advances on-going research of Queer oral histories and Queer identity. It helps fill the gap of Queer oral histories in South Central Kentucky and expands on how identity is used in subversive ways to resist discrimination.

Part of 05-10 Queer Identities, Marginalized and Centered, Friday, October 14, 10:30 am–12:30 pm