Winston Fleary and The Big Drum Nation Dance

John Melville Bishop (University of California, Los Angeles, retired)

On the island of Carriacou in Granada, the Big Drum Nation Dance is performed at weddings, wakes, boat launchings, house dedications, and in this film, at a Tombstone Feast when an adult dies. The dances have very direct roots back to particular parts of Africa; an oral story-telling tradition that links dancers to their ancestors. Island scenes include boat-bulding, string band, children's play and lessons. Winston Fleary, Carriacou cultural leader, folklorist and musician, was the impetus behind this film as well as its director and interlocutor. Every voice in this film is from an islander; there is neither explanatory text nor narration.
Film is 69 minutes.

Part of 02-10 Film: Winston Fleary and The Big Drum Nation Dance, Thursday, October 13, 10:30 am–12:30 pm