From LocalFest to the National and International Folk Festivals: What Challenges arise with an International Festival?

Evan Andrew Hatch ()

Exceptional and sustainable festivals must consistently book talent that will draw, challenge, entertain, and educate. Informal networks of folklorists and event planners are great resources with strong recommendations. Local Fest included Women Farmers and Cheese Makers, Food Trucks, Border Collies herding sheep, Piedmont potters and diverse musicians like Chocolate Drop Hubby Jenkins. The National Festival included NEA Heritage Fellows like guitar maker Wayne Henderson and harmonica player Phil Wiggins. What are the special challenges of an international conference? The Cherokee are inspiring, but may we include an Irish/Appalachian Touchstone band (Triona) reunion, fiddler Martin Hayes, or singer Peggy Seeger?

Part of 06-13 Re-Centering the Periphery in the South: A Japanese Violinist, Black Fiddlers, and Frontier Poets Enlivening an International Festival, Friday, October 14, 2:30 pm–4:30 pm