One Big Family? Exclusion, Power, Politics, and Silence in the Skydiving Subculture [virtual]

Montana Miller (Bowling Green State University)

The past two years have thrown into relief some glaring contradictions in the idealistic self-image of the skydiving community. This sport, encompassing amateurs and professionals who jump together across the globe, prides itself on the concept of “one big family.” Most skydivers hear ubiquitous references to the bond we share, to the innate connection that theoretically transcends politics, religion, race, age, and gender. But this cherished identity and purported tradition of “everyone getting along at the drop zone” has suffered severe cracks since the advent of Covid-19, debates over institutional racism, and finally, the crisis of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Part of 07-01 Vocation and Avocation [hybrid], Saturday, October 15, 8:30 am–10:00 am