Lo Que Recuerda el Cuerpo: Maya Poqomchi’ Voices on State Violence and the Earth

Michelle Banks (Prescott College)

Maya Poqomchi’ people identify as children of the earth, and their lifeworld is tethered to the spirits of the hills-valleys that delineate where they live. The result is a profound land ethic grounded in a reverence for all things that exist. According to some Poqomchi’, their relationship with the Earth has deteriorated – many see violence as the cause. Drawing from spiritual ecology and historical memory, this presentation explores how Poqomchi’ communities in Guatemala make place and conceptualize their relationship to their sacred landscape as a result of the violence that occurred during the country's armed internal conflict (1960 - 1996).

Part of 08-12 Life During Wartime, Saturday, October 15, 10:30 am–12:30 pm