Ethnographic Cartooning: Fieldwork, Archives and Comics [virtual]

Andy Kolovos (Vermont Folklife Center)

In 2021 the Vermont Folklife Center (VFC) published two non-fiction comics anthologies from ethnographic fieldwork and archival holdings. The Most Costly Journey: Stories of Migrant Farmworkers in Vermont Drawn by New England Cartoonists emerged from a partnership with a local free clinic and embraced approaches from graphic medicine, applied cartooning and collaborative ethnography. Turner Family Stories drew on the Turner Family Collection from the VFC archive, presenting in comics form the remarkable accounts of centenarian Daisy Turner, whose formerly-enlsaved parents settled in Vermont in the 1870s. This presentation highlights the methods and approaches used to create comics from ethnographic materials.

Part of 08-03 Drawing from Ethnographic Materials: Creating Comics from Ethnographic and Oral History Fieldwork and Archives [hybrid], Saturday, October 15, 10:30 am–12:30 pm