All-Black Towns in Oklahoma: Forgotten Spaces and the Power of Membered Storytelling

Elisha Renee Oliver (Oklahoma State University)

Oklahoma's history books make little mention of the sociocultural significance and impact of all-Black towns within the state. The town of Eudora was an all-Black town settlement in Western Oklahoma. Miles away, the town of El Reno would become home to many of Eudora descendants. Their voices are privileged in this presentation. Very little remains in these mostly forgotten spaces and places; however, the stories of these communities are alive. The privileging of these narratives helps create an understanding of the ways in which the sharing of stories of the past, present, and future are emancipatory and empowering practices.

Part of 08-06 Black Oklahoma: Past, Present, and Futures, Saturday, October 15, 10:30 am–12:30 pm