Alpha, Beta, and Sigma: The Digital Restructuring of Social Relations and the American Male

Madison M. Howard (AFS)

An uptick in recent years of self-described incels in popular American culture foreshadows a greater shift in the landscape of cisgender men and online forums: a kind of anti-feminism, which is a retaliatory restructuring of thought surrounding gendered social norms and roles. The “Manosphere” of today is set apart from past movements due to its basis in the public forum of the internet, making these ideals more widely accessible and less easily challenged. The Beta, Alpha, and Sigma framework of binary gender and American society encourages a new, volatile wave of resentment and backlash, creating an increasingly hostile and potentially dangerous social environment.

Part of 07-07 Constructing Digital Identities, Saturday, November 04, 8:30 am–10:00 am