The Nonprofessional Fan Fiction in the Internet Context and the New Opportunities of Folk Literature

Huayue Sun (Shandong University)

The living soil of folk literature tradition has changed greatly, and the internet has become an important channel to reflect public opinion and write people's hearts. As a background, the network not only witnessed the spread of the original folk literature, but also provided conditions for the second creation(fan Fiction)of folk literature. Fan creation based on the role of folk literature is gradually becoming one of the important forms of creative transformation of folk literature in the network context and an effective perspective to show people's true demands. Its creative mode and interactive mode can also bring enlightenment for us to understand the new opportunities for the inheritance and development of folk literature under the network context.

Part of V3-06 The Emergence and Inheritance of Folk Literature, Wednesday, October 11, 7:30 pm–9:30 pm