The Plot Growth Mode of the Dai heroic epic WUSHABALUO

Zhu Jiayu (Advanced Institute for Confucian Studies, Shandong University )

The narrative characteristics of the epic means that the story can be independently studied. The core plot of the Dai heroic epic WUSHABALUO is a war that broke out in two countries because of marriage. However, by inserting overlapping units in the core plot, adding the experience of the core role before and after the core plot, expanding the time dimension to "preexistence-this life- future life", and expanding the space dimension to "man’s word - heaven", the simple core plot has gained greater growth potential. The multi-dimensional time and space settings, as well as the story plots occurring in different dimensions, are also governed by the story rules of "causal karma". As a result, a heroic epic with great volume was created.

Part of V3-06 The Emergence and Inheritance of Folk Literature, Wednesday, October 11, 7:30 pm–9:30 pm