Tracing the roots of vernacular expression. The amusement mail as a written message and a social act in the organizational culture of the early 20th century Finland.

Asta Alina Sutinen (University of Helsinki)

Outside the civilization process by the church and the schools of the pre-compulsory education age, the organizational events of the early 20th century Finland offered a platform for new writers in the form of the amusement mail. As the new oral and written practices in these events encouraged new groups of people create their own subjecthoods and thus become a part of the process of building a civil society, my presentation will enhance our understanding of the versatile roots of reading and writing skills in an individual and collective sense within this previously underresearched subject.

Part of 04-15 Joy, Jokes, and Amusement, Friday, November 03, 8:30 am–10:00 am