Coming Out of “the Fog”: Chinese International Transracial Adoptees, Anti-Racisms, and Remaking Asian and Asian American Identities

Ziying You (The College of Wooster)

This paper examines how Chinese international transracial adoptees in the U.S. experienced and responded to the surging anti-Asian racisms during the pandemic, and how they negotiate and remake their Asian and/or Asian American identities. The particular diaspora of Chinese international adoptees is often perceived to be the result of China’s One-Child Policy, the traditional preference for a son in a Chinese family, and the international adoption program. This paper draws on 26 in-depth interviews conducted in 2021 and class surveys in Anti-Asian Racisms courses to show creative agencies and strategies of Chinese adoptees in crafting global Asian solidarities and building social justice.

Part of 05-12 Theorizing Global Asian Folklore Studies: Remaking Fluid Boundaries, Friday, November 03, 10:30 am–12:30 pm