Oral Traditions for Sustaining Cultural and Environmental Resiliency

William McKinley Patterson ()

This paper is about an activist project being conducted in Prince Williams County Virginia about the Thoroughfare community in conjunction with the (non-profit) Coalition to Save Thoroughfare. There are three cemeteries of Indigenous and African Americans descendants' that have been encroached upon by a company that has already built a beer garden in one cemetery. George Mason students in the folklore program are collaborating with the Coalition to Save Thoroughfare to counter the erasure that is happening in the Indigenous and African American Thoroughfare community. I am a folklore graduate student at George Mason and my contribution to the project focuses on environmental justice, culture, and heritage erasure when it comes to marginalized groups. My presentation will convey the oral traditions and history of the Thoroughfare community.

Part of 07-09 Folklore, Advocacy, and Community Protest, Saturday, November 04, 8:30 am–10:00 am