From Risk Semantics to Embodied Practice: The Co-Production of Infection Control Practices in Norway during the Pandemic

Kyrre Kverndokk (University of Bergen)

This paper examines a collection of diaries from this first period of Covid 19 lockdown in Norway from March to June in 2020. It explores how the “risk semantics” employed by the government and the health authorities were interpreted, rephrased, and remodeled when people toiled to adapt to the situation. The statistically based vocabulary of the authorities needed considerable efforts of translations and rescaling to make sense in everyday life. The paper examines the translation from calculations and statistics to social concerns and embodied practices. The paper is co-written with Professor Anne Eriksen, University of Oslo.

Part of 02-10 Folklore and Governmental Rhetorics , Thursday, November 02, 10:30 am–12:30 pm