Circles in the Squares: Memory and Creativity Across Generations, Cultures, and Sectors

Laura Marcus Green (South Carolina Arts Commission)

During Covid-19’s first year, a cross-sectoral network launched a creative aging pilot, engaging rural seniors in online story circles, hands-on art-making workshops, and creative writing sessions that tap participants’ memories, creativity, and cultural traditions. Project partners—a state folklife program, traditional artists, a community development corporation (CDC), a local seniors program, a statewide telehealth agency, and a state department on aging—pooled their resources towards their shared goal of enhancing seniors’ wellbeing. This ongoing initiative offers virtual folklife programming in support of improved healthcare access, social connection, technology skill-building, and cultural and creative expression, while creating a replicable model.

Part of 05-06 The Roots of Maturity: Pathways to Aging Creatively, Friday, November 03, 10:30 am–12:30 pm