The standardization of Aenokoto rituals: through the heritagization and publicization

Ulara TAMURA (Kanazawa University)

This presentation shows how the material settings and the ritual procedures of Aenokoto were standardized to a particular form in the process of heritagization and publicization. Aenokoto used to be a private and familial ritual where they had varieties of the “authentic/traditional ways” depending on the families. In Aenokoto rituals which were originally interactions between kami and a family, how and why were some forms chosen to be more appropriate and authentic than others for the public gaze? I will provide some comparative points between the past/present and familial/public phases of the ritual.

Part of 06-12 Observing Ritual: Invisible Gods, Tourists, and Ethnographic Filmmaking in Japan, Friday, November 03, 2:30 pm–4:30 pm