Other People’s Storied Objects: Unpacking the Personal at the Intersections of Narrative and Material Culture

Sheila Bock (University of Nevada, Las Vegas)

While Amy Shuman’s critical engagement with the “personal” is grounded in her research on narrative, the aim of this presentation is to build on this foundational work and consider how her arguments about the personal extend to material forms of expression. When our sites of analysis are storied objects, what is at stake when we understand them to be sites of “personal” expression? What discursive work is enacted with this categorization? How does the materiality of storied objects enrich our exploration of the ongoing, dialogic relationship between the personal and the larger-than-personal?

Part of 06-01 Narrative Knows No Boundaries: Papers Inspired by the Work of Amy Shuman, Friday, November 03, 2:30 pm–4:30 pm