Mask, Ritual and Sacred Space – The Myth of Narasimha in Bhaona Performance of Majuli, Assam

Bhumika Singh (Ambedkar University Delhi)

Folktales and myths based on Hindu mythology are dramatized wearing intricately designed handmade masks in the form of traditional dance, known as Mukha Bhaona in Majuli (a river island situated near Assam, a state situated in the North-East of India). I propose to investigate the ritual of the traditional mask performance associated with the worship of Narasimha and the cultivation of a ‘sacred space’ for the Bhaona performance, particularly in Chamaguri Satra of Majuli. Also, I aim to understand the sacred manifestation of the myth of Narasimha with the narrative supported by the traditional mask, and the interaction of the ritual, the sacred space and the use of the Narasimha mask to better understand the myth along with the performance of Bhaona.

Part of 04-09 Ritual Forms: Dance and Festival, Friday, November 03, 8:30 am–10:00 am