Hearing and Telling Lakota People’s Stories: Narrated Events and Narrative Events at Pine Ridge

Cynthia Cox ()

Drawing on Shuman’s work across the span of her career, this presentation examines issues of storytelling rights raised by annual encounters with Native American storytellers on the Oglala Lakota reservation at Pine Ridge, SD, in a “study away” partnership initiated by Belmont University. I describe the complexity of storytelling rights and entitlements to listening that presented themselves over the course of 10 years, considering particularly the influence of varying contexts for narrative events on narrated events. Ultimately, I examine the ways in which storytelling rights were transmitted to an audience in situations that tacitly extended an invitation to “rhetorical listening.”

Part of 06-01 Narrative Knows No Boundaries: Papers Inspired by the Work of Amy Shuman, Friday, November 03, 2:30 pm–4:30 pm