From the Printed Page to the Digital Age: Labor Songs and Poetry as Public Folklore

Marcus Cederström (University of Wisconsin, Madison)

In Swedish-American historiography, women are often portrayed as reluctant migrants—poorly educated domestic servants. While some scholars have challenged that notion, much remains to be done. One way to reverse these stereotypes is through concrete, historically-contextualized individual life histories of women that connect their stories with other migrant groups, both historical and contemporary. In this presentation, I focus on public productions and programming to help audiences better understand how physical movement—migration—intersects with social movements. Specifically, I examine how performers use songs, poetry, and laborlore in general to connect historical migration with contemporary migration.

Part of 01-06 Navigating Revitalization and Heritage Work in Nordic American Music and Dance Communities, Thursday, November 02, 8:30 am–10:00 am