The Stories We Tell: Rootedness and Resilience in the Face of Change

Elisabeth Carol Harvey McCumber (Independent Folklorist)

Social and ecological turmoil is the reality of our moment. Our communities face many crises: climate change, demographic flux, racial and economic violence, and more. Here on this shifting ground, folkloric expression offers both rootedness and resilience: connecting people to past and present, self and other; while also inviting improvisation amid our challenges. The stories we tell about our time, our homes, and each other are living processes, ever adapted to new contexts, for new needs. Importantly, they have potential to foster cross-cultural understanding, deepen our relationships to the land we inhabit, and equip us for the world that's emerging.

Part of 02-13 Space, Tradition, and Narrative, Thursday, November 02, 10:30 am–12:30 pm