Ukrainian Immigrants in Central Kentucky: Religion and Belonging

Jeanmarie Rouher-Willoughby (University of Kentucky)

This paper explores the sense of belonging among Ukrainian immigrants, largely of the Pentecostal faith, in Central Kentucky, both those who immigrated before the Russian invasion of Ukraine and more recent refugees. This group, despite its rather significant size, had largely flown under the radar in Nicholasville, where most reside, until the war began. The war has brought them to the fore in local media. Based on oral history interviews from community members, I will address the role that how faith traditions and material culture play in the creation of Ukrainianess in this social context, considering whether and how the war has played a role in their conception of themselves and their community.

Part of 04-03 Uprooting Ukraine: Resistance and Identity in North American Ukrainian Communities [Hybrid], Friday, November 03, 8:30 am–10:00 am