On the Value of Conversing with Kitchenware: Using Fairy Tales in the First-Year Composition Classroom

Amelia Lehosit (University of Washington, Seattle)

The fairy tale genre provides unique learning opportunities within the first-year composition classroom. Drawing on student examples and the pedagogical approaches within the composition classroom, this paper provides a framework for instructors to potentially use unconventional approaches to teaching composition. By using a creative project that asks students to (re)write/(re)imagine/(re)vitalize a fairy tale and could be assigned in lieu of the traditional research paper, much like the goose girl speaking to a kitchen stove, teaching the fairy tale provides students the chance to explore their own anxieties, fears, and desires while also learning important writing skills.

Part of 01-09 Folklore, Art, and Education, Thursday, November 02, 8:30 am–10:00 am