Uprooting Hansel and Grethel

Jack Zipes (University of Minnesota, retired)

This talk endeavors to demonstrate how classical and memetic tales like "Hansel and Grethel" have a deep social and political significance regarding uprootedness. The popularity and importance of the Hansel and Grethel tales in the European and literary tradition may be attributed to the themes of child abandonment and abuse. My study traces the historical development of different versions and pays careful attention to the motif of food and famine in the tale as well as the motif of abandonment. Wolfgang Mieder's, Hansel and Grethel: Das Maerchen in Kunst, Musik, Literatur und Karikaturen (2007) is a major source of twenieth-century adaptations in various fields of art, literature, and theater.

Part of 01-01 Revisiting the Fairy Tale, Thursday, November 02, 8:30 am–10:00 am