Bhagavathi Paattu: A Performing Art of Kerala

Haritha Unni (Ambedkar University Delhi)

Bhagavathi Paattu is a narrative folk art form of Kerala performed by the washerman community originated during the Sangam period. This performing art narrates the story of Goddess Kali and her husband Ponnmangan which resembles the famous epic Cilappatikaram authored by the court poet Ilanko Adigal. I propose to investigate the cultural tradition of this scriptless oral narration, Bhagavathy Paattu and its performances, including the processes involved in documenting this tradition directly from the field in order to propose ways to help save this art form from dying out.

Part of V4-02 Expressive Culture on the Indian Subcontinent, Thursday, October 12, 8:00 am–10:00 am