Untellable Narratives: Context, Consent, and Capacity

Olivia Caldeira (The Ohio State University)

Sex education is a topic deeply connected to values, social and cultural norms, gendered expectations, and political ideologies. Many people learn about sexual education through both formal and informal means, but for people with intellectual or developmental disabilities (IDD), these channels are often limited or nonexistent. Narratives about innocence and protection are entangled with politics, funding, and complex social systems. Shuman’s work on narratives, particularly at the intersection of stigma and untellability, provide the framework to explore who controls the contexts where narratives about sexuality and disability are able to be told.

Part of 06-01 Narrative Knows No Boundaries: Papers Inspired by the Work of Amy Shuman, Friday, November 03, 2:30 pm–4:30 pm