Terror Doesn’t Stop At The Screen’: Nightmare on Elm Street Fandom through Folk Transmission

William S. Chavez (University of California, Santa Barbara)

Freddy Krueger remains absent from mainstream popular culture despite his previous oversaturation of the market and coming 40th anniversary. Krueger endures through folk fandom as demonstrated through queer theater productions of Nightmare 2, professional wrestling cosplays, and the unofficial fighting game Terrordrome: Rise of the Boogeymen. In my preservation of folk transmission, I recently acquired a custom Blu-ray of Freddy’s Nightmares, a digital transfer of VHS recordings of the late-1980s television series. This artifact fittingly preserves the local tradition by which such nightmares were viewed and disseminated by fans due to no official complete version ever released on home media.

Part of 06-14 Folklore and Pop Culture, Friday, November 03, 2:30 pm–4:30 pm