Jakari Life Songs: A Window to the Dreams, Desires, and Expressions of Haryanvi Women

Neha Dagar (Ambedkar University Delhi)

Jakari folk songs, an exclusive women’s sub-culture of Haryana (India), is a collective form of expression articulating the challenges faced by women in society. I propose to examine the importance of these songs in the lives of women entrenched in an intensely patriarchal structure. I aim to investigate the socio-psychic reality of women through the songs I have collected during my repeated field trips, as they mirror their position in society, giving glimpses of their dreams, desires, and expressions. I also propose to investigate this oral folkloric tradition exclusively of women as a mark to bring about social change in the male-dominated society.

Part of V3-01 Folk Singing in India, Wednesday, October 11, 7:30 pm–9:30 pm