Floaties for Krakens: How a Folklore Podcast about Monsters Battles the Stigma of Mental Health

Camille Maria Acosta (Kentucky Folklife Program)

Mental health care is utterly complicated. Unfortunately, most individuals are not as privileged to speak on the subject, let alone to fully allow themselves to feel at all. After searching within my difficulties of emotionality as a Chicana, Floaties for Krakens was born. Through a variety of interviews, folklore research, and the fascinating complexities of “otherness”, the Floaties for Krakens podcast is all about the monsters in our head but reclaiming them instead. This presentation will consist of a compilation of the first season of the podcast as well as your chance to explore the brilliance of “monstrosity”.

Part of 01-14 Media: Film, Podcasts, and Web Resources in Folklore Studies, Thursday, November 02, 8:30 am–10:00 am