The Threats of Celebrating the Cultural and Religious Festival: An Empirical Study on Holy Ashura

mostofa tarequl ahsan (Researcher)

The Bihari Muslim who were facing riot in India started crossing boarder in 1947 and settled down in different parts of East Pakistan. The rootless Bihai Muslim community is now facing numerous problems to commemorate their ritual based festivals. This study aims to examine the hindrances they are facing to observe their festival and explore the possibility of preservation of Bihari religious culture which is demolishing day- by-day due to authoritarian attempts by Sunni Muslim. This study found that having a great attraction of the masses, ritualistic religious festival like the Holy Ashura is diminishing day-by-day for several social and religious hindrances. Respondents believe that freedom of organizing such types of religious festivals sign the secular ideology of a society.

Part of 04-09 Ritual Forms: Dance and Festival, Friday, November 03, 8:30 am–10:00 am