Merciful Borders, Blues Mexicano, and Teaching en la Encrucijada

Daniel Vidales (University of California, Riverside)

On the surface expressive cultures such as Chicano/a/x folklore and the blues of the African American South offer epistemologies rooted in their own vernacular modalities and social histories. However, together these two traditions can address a pressing ethnoracial issue: the unstable and precarious positions occupied by K–12 Hispanic students in our public schools. In this paper, I turn to the genre known as "blues Mexicano" to explore how music interventions that combine the teachings of border folklorists like Anzaldúa and Cantú with blues knowledge systems and practices form a liberatory pedagogy that supports marginalized Hispanic students.

Part of 04-05 Roots and Routes: Political and Cultural Borders in Latin American Music-Making, Friday, November 03, 8:30 am–10:00 am