Men Can Give Birth Too!: How The Dark Goddess Manifests For Men

Missy Petersen (Utah State University)

In the journey of one’s life, figurative cycles of creation, nurturing and death are presented at various stages of human development. In Maureen Murdock’s book "The Heroine’s Journey," she illustrates a life cycle in which the feminine anima descends into a figurative death where values and beliefs are questioned and challenged. This is where the Dark Goddess resides. Because the Dark Goddess is feminine in nature she is often misrepresented as a being who sustains only women. However, I will explore how the reemerging Dark Goddess manifests her feminine influence in the life, death and rebirth cycle for men in our modern era.

Part of 04-10 Myth Performance and Religion, Friday, November 03, 8:30 am–10:00 am