Forest County Potawatomi Lacrosse Revitalization Project

Sapatis H. Menomin (Wisconsin Humanities)

This presentation discusses the Community Powered project conducted in the Forest County Potawatomi Community near Crandon, Wisconsin. Sapatis Menomin, the project coordinator in the Forest County Potawatomi community and tribal member, worked with different organizations and community members to revitalize the traditional game of lacrosse. This was done by conducting stick making workshops, playing the game, teaching the history and stories related to the game, and other lacrosse demonstrations throughout the community. With this project, Menomin learned what it means to create communities while helping others connect to an endangered cultural practice and craft that was almost lost.

Part of V4-01 Wisconsin Humanities’ Community Powered Initiative: Building Community from the Grassroots, Thursday, October 12, 8:00 am–10:00 am