Rooting Creativity in Place: Creators’ Histories of Comics in India

Jeremy Stoll (Columbus College of Art and Design)

In this paper, I will describe how creators in Delhi, Bangalore, and Kochi’s comics scenes re-root their creativity as a counter to history and scholarship. Based on fieldwork in 2018 and the concept of a comics world, I will use an example from each city to show how makers root their work in creative repertoires and communities. This will illustrate the labor of engaging overlapping but distinct relationships with the medium, while cultivating a larger ecology of time and place. The end result will be a collage of creators’ re-rooting of the comics medium in local and regional histories, as well as the particularities of their lived realities.

Part of 06-14 Folklore and Pop Culture, Friday, November 03, 2:30 pm–4:30 pm