Carnival, Resurrection and Renewal: A Comparative Study of the Dionysia and the Chunshe

Rong Wang ()

Around the 7th century BC, Dionysia, synonymous with revelry, became the great festival of the ancient Greek city-states. The ode to Dionysus was the source of classical Greek tragedy, and the Greeks' belief in Dionysus, the ode and the rituals that led directly to the creation of Greek tragedy. In China, on the other hand, Chunshe, one of the oldest traditional Chinese folk festivals, is also a day of revelry. In this paper, the relationship between the Dionysia and ancient Greek tragedy will be discussed, and the cultural mechanisms of the Dionysia and the Chunshe will be analyzed, which is important for understanding the differences between Chinese and Western festival culture and religious customs, and promoting cross-cultural communication and exchange.

Part of V3-04 Vernacular Religion and Festival, Wednesday, October 11, 7:30 pm–9:30 pm