Uranian Alchemy: Objects, Assemblage, and Syncretic Religion on the Lower East Side

Mark J. Sussman (Concordia University, Montreal)

An investigation of the use of collected, assembled, and printed objects in the life and work of Lower East Side visual artist, spiritual leader, and trickster Richard O. Tyler. His group, the Uranian Alchemy Players, performed the first masked dance of Peter Schumann, Totentanz, at Judson Church in 1962, at the intersection between Schumann's nascent Bread and Puppet Theater and the UAP's ongoing investigations of syncretic spiritual practice, and firmly removed from New York's "downtown" art world, as it established itself in a landscape of urban decay and Cold War politics.

Part of V4-03 Race, Gender and Animacy in Object Performance, Thursday, October 12, 8:00 am–10:00 am