Decoding Hidden Heritages in Gaelic Traditional Narrative

Barbara Lisa Hillers (Bloomington, IN) and Monica Marion (Indiana University)

The 'Decoding Hidden Heritages in Gaelic Traditional Narrative with Text-Mining and Phylogenetics' project, funded by an AHRC (UK) and IRC (Ireland) grant, fuses qualitative folkloristic analysis with computational methods to analyze and interpret elements of traditional narrative. We use text-mining and phylogenetic network analysis to study the relationships that exist over time and space between international folktales in Ireland and Scotland. Text-mining allows us to search tales for formulas and linguistic patterns, while phylogenetic motif analysis allows us to track genetic relationships between oral tale variants in the two countries.

Part of 05-15 The Importance and Use of Archives in Folklore Studies, Friday, November 03, 10:30 am–12:30 pm