“According to the Bylaws…” Folk Knowledge at the Sharlot Hall Museum

Jackson Medel (Sharlot Hall Museum)

The Sharlot Hall Museum has been continuously collecting artifacts and presenting the history of central Arizona since 1928 when the museum’s founder, Sharlot M. Hall, acquired the Territorial Governor’s Mansion for her museum. The museum has not just been collecting artifacts and documents but has been accreting stories, legends, characters, traditions, and practices. Some of these stories are connected to local legendaria where others are specific to the museum, even its operational practices. This project will collect examples of the living folklore of the Sharlot Hall Museum to uncover the rootedness of the museum in its community and the folklife of its staff and stakeholders.

Part of 07-08 Revisiting the Museum Structure/Archives, Saturday, November 04, 8:30 am–10:00 am