Feminine Concepts, Beliefs & Rituals In India-A Sociological Analysis with select samples from Kerala State in India

Rethi Thampatty PC (Retired)

Human Species - male, female or transgender who are equal in living status before Law and Human Rights Commission and independent to select the type of appearance , language to speak, activities to be done and also to believe in any culture, values or ethics, even heritages are maintained by historians. This very society at the same time is encouraging the Rituals differentiating gender importance with unchanging beliefs through generations to generations which impact the Society both in positive and negative ways. This paradox is analysed with select Rituals from Kerala State of India :- Chamaya Vilakku, Makara Vilakku, Attukal Pongala and Kodungallur Bharani.The select samples of Rituals are classified into - Rituals giving importance to males, females and both but giving importance to feminine. Two rituals from each category are selected for the purpose of analysis and interpretation. That is, Darsan at Sabarimala Temple, Darsan at Thalipparambu Rajatajeswara Temple in the first category. Offerings at Attukal Devi Temple ( ponkala Festival), Offerings at Pambumekkattu Temple in the second category. Chamaya Lampu at Kottankulangara Devi Temple, Bharani festival at Kodungallur Devi Temple is in the third category

Part of 08-14 Case Studies in Women's Folklore, Saturday, November 04, 10:30 am–12:30 pm