Like Mountains,Like Rivers:The Drung’s root that flows among the mountains

Chujing Yang (Yunnan University)

Roots are the parts of plants that absorb nutrients from the ground.On the level of metaphorical and symbolic,"root"refers to the origin of things,the beginning of life,the initial residence of ethnic groups and tribes,and the place where individual life grows and lives,which has origin and what Watsuji Tetsuro called"spiritual climate"attribute.This paper is about the roots of Drung,a minority inhabiting a remote mountainous valley of Northwest Yunnan province (China),starting from the narrative of Drung people about the sacred mountain,focusing on the relationship between Drung people and the mountains they live in,exploring the origin and life attribute of the Drung people from mountains.Due to various changes,the subjectivity of Drung people's existence is concealed,but,it is also manifested in a special way.

Part of V5-03 Spaces, Places, and Sites of Folklore, Thursday, October 12, 10:30 am–12:30 pm