Kaavad Banchan: Painting and Storytelling, Sacred and Beyond

Sahil Tehlan (Ambedkar University Delhi)

Kaavad Banchan is a storytelling tradition of Rajasthan, India. This tradition is over four centuries old. The storytellers narrate stories from Epics and Purans. They have a portable wooden shrine that has pictures from the epics painted on it. These shrines are a part of the storytelling. Kaavad Banchana is thus a dual layered performance: visual and oral. I propose to begin my research by exploring the stories that the Kavad Bhats narrate. I further aim to explore the stories of the lives of people who are included in this Kavad tradition. I want to explore the life stories of the artists, storytellers, and audiences.

Part of 05-13 Material Narratives, Friday, November 03, 10:30 am–12:30 pm