The Folk Belief Organization of Cao Miao Tou Village (In Lu Zhong)

Yi Li (Shandong University)

Folk belief organization is in a particular region composed of groups with a common folk beliefs, which is an important dimension to understand Chinese traditional society, and it has always been a focus of academic attention. Based on Cao Miao Tou village (in Lu Zhong area), this report focuses on the historical changes of Cao Miao Tou temple. Combing the records of Cao Miao Tou temple inscriptions in Lu Zhong area from Qing Dynasty to the Republic of China with fieldwork research, we can clearly understand the general and continuing structure, activity mode, specific function of Cao Miao Tou temple.

Part of V3-07 The Body and Belief Practice of Contemporary Folklore, Wednesday, October 11, 7:30 pm–9:30 pm