How may Folklore contribute to brain research and neuroscience?

Anna Lydia Svalastog (Ostfold University College, Norway)

The International Brain Initiative (IBI) has established a new cross-cultural working group (WG). The overall aim of the WG is to bring in non-westernized strategies and ways of knowing and learning to ensure an inclusive and global neuroscience. To include or merge specific institutions, communities and traditions that are themselves subject to organic processes is productive. Though merging the fields of medicine, in particular brain research, with culture, has a well-known and controversial past. This presentation discusses the questions why and how to approach culture as an empirical field, analytical strategy, and theoretical perspective relevant for present neuroscience.

Part of 07-15 Sounding Board 3: Folklore Matters, Saturday, November 04, 8:30 am–10:00 am