Bhangra and Jhumar- Two Different Folk Dances of Punjab: Consistencies and Alterations

Komal Rajwansh (Ambedkar University Delhi)

The folk dances, Bhangra and Jhumar, and the boliyan (verses) sung during their performance, reflect the culture of Punjab. The roots are kept alive through the youth festivals where the performances of these dance forms connect the new generations with the history and society of the past. The paper compares these dance forms on the basis of the differences inherent in them. It also argues that the boliyan echo the syncretic tradition of Punjab. They are also modified by adding new symbols in congruence with the elements of contemporary folklore. The folklorist has to highlights the consistencies and alterations in the folklore.

Part of 04-09 Ritual Forms: Dance and Festival, Friday, November 03, 8:30 am–10:00 am